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Oil-proof and waterproof type intelligent deoxidizer25/3/2022
Oil-proof and waterproof type intelligent deoxidizer The utility model relates to a deoxidizer, in particular to an oil-proof and waterproof type intelligent deoxidizer with labeled indication of oxygen concentration. The oil-proof and waterproof type intelligent deoxidizer with the labeled indication of oxygen concentration comprises a deoxidizer component, a packing bag, an oxygen concentration indication line and a labeling release film, and is characterized in that the packing bag is formed by a front membrane and a bottom membrane; the four sides of the packing bag are sealed, the oxygen concentration indication line or an oxygen concentration indication piece is arranged in any position of one longitudinal seal or the front membrane or the bottom membrane, and breathing micropores are formed on the front membrane corresponding to the oxygen concentration indication line or the oxygen concentration indication piece; the deoxidizer component is placed in a cavity between the front membrane and the bottom membrane; and a binding agent layer is arranged on the external surface of the bottom membrane, and the packing bag is arranged on the labeling release film through the binding agent layer. The intelligent deoxidizer not only can be glued to the food packing bag firmly, but also can avoid the mistaken eating and ensure the food safety; and the deoxidizer has the advantages of simple manufacturing technology, low cost and wide application range.Get more news about Acrylic Deoxidizer,you can vist our website! As everyone knows, oxygen is important substance human and that other animal depends on for existence, does not have oxygen, and the people is promptly dead.But oxygen also brings the material damage of great harm to the mankind simultaneously, and as going rotten of grain and goods thereof, the clam souring of peanut, meat products and band oil food loses, the oxidation deterioration of tealeaves Tea Polyphenols, VC vitamin etc., and none is not to cause because of oxygen.Also have the corrosion of various metalworks, rubber plastic aging, its root also is the result of dioxygen oxidation.In order to solve the harm of oxygen to the mankind, reduce the loss that therefore causes, states such as China and Japan promptly develop deoxidizer since the sixties in last century.Preservation technique is sealed in began one's study from 1963 deoxidizer and deoxygenation of the applicant up for safekeeping, succeeded in developing " 0 " type oxygen absorbent once, the 4H deoxidizer, now deoxidizer has been widely used in the sealing up for safekeeping of war products such as fresh-keeping and guided missile, shell of medicines such as tens of food such as rice, tealeaves, tobacco, moon cake, cake, melon seeds, peanut, red date, sausage, cured goods, meat products and genseng.Deoxidizer is sealed technology up for safekeeping has become one of main preservation technique of food industry.The mechanism of deoxidizer fresh-keeping foodstuff is the oxygen of removing rapidly in the food sealing bag, and oxygen concentration is dropped to below 0.1% by 21%.But present deoxidizer comprises oxygen concentration and indicates intelligent deoxidizer in use, all is directly to be placed in the food pack mixed in togetherly with food, when the customer eat, is easy to follow food to pour out together and is eaten by mistake, and become a kind of potential safety hazard.And the label type deoxidizer of the same type of present foreign market, reduce more than 50% owing to the dispersion of deoxidizer component is fixed on the oxygen uptake efficient that makes deoxidizer in the colloid band, or aqueous ingredients is too low, must rely on the moisture content ability oxygen uptake in the packaging product, food to low water content can not be used, thereby has strengthened packing measurement, and complex process, increased cost, and application is limited to.。
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