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High Quality and Anti-Surge Protection LED Flood Light 10W IP6525/3/2022
High Quality and Anti-Surge Protection LED Flood Light 10W IP65 The IP rate of Dandelion floodlight is IP66, which meets industry and national standards. According to the test, our product can withstand the impact of wind and rain from all directions, but it cannot work under water. The first number of IP66 means the dustproof level, 6 means complete protection against dust.Get more news about Anti-surge Flood Light,you can vist our website! intrusion. The latter number means the waterproof grade, and 6 means preventing large waves from immersing. Our product can meet the requirements of use i n various harsh environments. The Dandelion floodlights are driven by high-quality linear IC power supplies, which are better than ordinary independent power supplies on the market. The Dandelion floodlights is favored by the market as its simple circuit, small size, high circuit stability, long life, obvious cost advantage, and it can meet the application of many specific occasions. With the development of IC chip technology, power chipization will become the mainstream trend. The warranty period of our floodlights is 1 years. Our company provides after-sales guarantee service of "replacement and not repair within 2 years". If the product has quality problems during the warranty period (except for man-made damage), our company will replace you with new one for free. You only need to provide the necessary application materials, and then our professionals will provide you with worry-free one-stop after-sales service. Easily Include with your Controller The light can pair with your controller by pushing the button on the back of the motion sensor. No more having to remove the light to pair it. Motion Illumination and Notification When the lights motion is triggered, it will turn on the light and send a Z-Wave signal to your Z-Wave controller that the motion has been triggered. Trigger Other Devices After receiving this signal, your controller can be programmed to trigger scenes, lights, sirens, notifications, or anything else it is capable of. Turn the Light On and Off Anytime You can turn the light on or off at any time with your Z-Wave controller or the wall switch. Adjustable Motion Trigger Adjust the time of day you want to allow the motion to trigger. Day or day and night and anywhere in between. You can also adjust the motion sensor sensitivity. Made for Outdoor Environments The light and motion sensor are designed and made for outdoor use. No Batteries To Change The light and motion sensor are hard wired so there are no batteries to change. Bright LED Lights The Lights are very bright at 3,500 lumens. They will light up whatever they are pointed at very well. Easy Installation The light wires up just as easy as any other motion sensor light. (Hot - Neutral - Ground) The Motion Sensor Is a Z-Wave Relay. The motion sensor will relay Z-Wave signals to other Z-Wave products making your Z-Wave network (Z-Net) bigger and stronger.
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