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Are these the best led strips I have used?30/3/2023
Are these the best led strips I have used? These are some of the best addressable RGB led lights you can currently get on Amazon. Despite them not liking a 330ohm resistor on the data line they still easily beat the competition due to their colour accuracy and build quality.To get more news about led lights strip, you can visit official website. I’m going to review a product by BTF Lighting – The SK6812 RGB LED lighting strips. I’ve been exploring different manufacturers in a bid to find the best LED strip for my own personal projects I have made floor lamps, desk lamps and even have installed an Ambilight setup behind my pc monitor, I’ve tried many different LED strips including WS2812B. But, these particular addressable RBG led strips are not your run-of-the-mill LED strips – They also include white channels for ambient lighting when colour is not really required. You ask good questions! The BTF Lighting SK6812 led strip is a clone of the WS2812B meaning they are also addressable, however, these differ by separating out the white channel giving you separate control but what does this mean for you? Well, everyone has heard of Phillips hue and I am sure you have too. Enough procrastination; SK6812 based RGB lighting strips are mostly interchangeable with WS2812/B strips with the exception of the Fastled software which currently doesn’t support the chip – not a problem though, we will be using Adafruit’s Neopixel Library, WLED and Prismatik to test these strips to their maximum capacity. A clean white packet that doesn’t feel cheap, unlike other brands. From the moment I unpacked them, I could tell the quality. Inside the packaging is a roll of led strips with connectors pre-installed allowing you to feed power in as well as daisy-chain your setup. Connecting the lights to our Wemos D1 mini was easy. Due to using more than 10 leds, we had to supply the lights with an external power source as the Arduino board wouldn’t be able to provide enough juice. The animations provided by WLED are really crisp and smoother compared to the 60 led per/m set they also offer. I put this down to the higher density of less and less black spots. Due to not having any color calibration tools, I ended up eye-balling it instead, for my purposes they look deep and highly accurate to the eye. Prismastik’s performance is impressive with no observable dropped or lagging frames. I had originally considered going for the APA102 Led Strips because they have a higher refresh rate but the problem was they don’t come in a RGBWW variant. I wanted to be able to use my led strips for mood lighting when I was not gaming or watching films on the Ambilight setup.
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