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Chinese App Uplive Crowned Highest Paying Platform for Broadcasters30/3/2023
Chinese App Uplive Crowned Highest Paying Platform for Broadcasters The live streaming industry is becoming an increasingly popular platform for anyone with a smartphone to build a brand, establish an audience, and make a living from the comfort of their own homes. Uplive has set itself apart from competitors by providing the highest quality streaming content across a massive global audience, combined with its gamified interactions and industry leading virtual gifts, created the highest per hour income platform for live stream broadcasters. In 2018, Uplive further increased its coverage by introducing livestreaming to untapped regions such as Africa, India and Indonesia and now operates 16 worldwide offices.To get more news about uplive recharge, you can visit official website. One of Uplive's most distinguished features is its global coverage. In order to meet the needs of the local market, each region is headed by regional experts who design events and content tailor-made for each market, with full respect to different religion, culture, and customs. This extremely successful formula brought Uplive millions of users with each new market it was introduced to in 2018, including India, where Uplive is now the highest grossing live streaming platform after only a few short months. Every now and again, Uplive shakes up this decentralized structure to bring people from all over the world together in fun events that enhance the app's strong cross-cultural exchange. In 2018, Uplive did this on a scale far greater than anything it's ever done before with its You Can You Up competition, which challenged broadcasters across 150 countries to see whose talent had the most international appeal. The year-long competition tasked hosts with streaming on a dedicated Uplive channel that was shown in all 16 of Uplive's regions 24/7, seeing who would win the most virtual gifts. With Uplive's real-time live translation feature, audience were able to comprehend each stream regardless of language or nationality, leaving a broadcaster's talent as the deciding factor. With half a million daily active viewers in the broadcast room, and live voting through virtual gifting, the You Can You Up campaign was American Idol for a younge, internet-savvy, and international audience. The biggest highlight of 2018 was Uplive's end-of-year gala, where winners of You Can You Up, and other top broadcaster's gathered to celebrate the app's growth and receive accolades. The gala was a truly international success, with the celebration being held across Los Angeles, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Taipei, with the best local media covering each event. In addition to celebrities, government officials also came to support. The new Taiwanese mayor of Kahsiung, Han Kuo Yu, who was the biggest upset in the recent general election in Taiwan, called in during the Taipei gala to express his support for Uplive. At each gala virtual gifting reached a fever pitch as broadcasters sang and danced their way into audiences' hearts on a live stage. One star broadcasters received as much as $15,000 USD worth of virtual gifts in just a short few minutes. 2018 was a hugely successful year for Uplive. It's global expansion saw over 800,000 new broadcasters onboarded and increased the number of new users by 300%. As of December 2018, Uplive is in over 150 countries, and grew to 65 million registered users in just 2.5 years. The platform covers 5 global regions: Greater China, East Asia/Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Pan-India, and the Americas. As of December Uplive has over 1 million broadcasters, representing more than 60 languages. Ouyang Yun, Co-Founder and President of Asia Innovations Group (AIG) said, "Uplive had a great year in 2018, but it's just the beginning. In 2019, we will grow even faster to 200 million users and cover all major regions in the world with entries into Europe and South America. We will bring the joy of live streaming to global users and enable everyone with a phone to not only show their talent, but to make a great living no matter how big their fanbase is."
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