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MLBB Promo Diamonds 2023 Rerun Unveiled on the Advanced Server30/3/2023
MLBB Promo Diamonds 2023 Rerun Unveiled on the Advanced Server One of the much-awaited events in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), the Promo Diamonds, will return soon with a new look. The upcoming event shall be a part of the annual 515 update which features a plethora of new content and freebies for players. Now named ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds, this unique currency can be used to offset the prices of items in the shop, allowing players to receive massive discounts for skins. Players can purchase skins for as low as one in-game diamond as long as they have enough promo diamonds. However, there are limitations for players who are looking to purchase skins of a specific category. To get more news about top up mlbb, you can visit official website. According to the data miner Elgin, the upcoming 515 ALLSTAR Music Festival event shall also feature the return of Promo Diamonds that players can collect. This special currency can be used to reduce the price of skins and other bundles in MLBB. According to the video, players can acquire Promo Diamonds in MLBB after completing various tasks in the event interface. However, there may be limitations on how low the prices of certain skins can get. The description for the Promo Diamond states that it cannot be used in combination with any other discount coupons. The new ALLSTAR skins can only be discounted down to 100 Diamonds and Moonlit Wish draw to 20 Diamonds and cannot go lower. The rest of the skins can go as low as one in-game diamond as long as the player has enough Promo Diamonds to use. The MLBB 515 event titled ALLSTAR Music Festival shall kick off soon featuring various activities for players to enjoy. A special guest was also teased by MOONTON in one of its teaser videos which led fans to believe it's a K-Pop idol group. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates on the upcoming MLBB 515 event 2023.
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