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erwsThe lower part of this new extension of the roof was well strengthened, as the weight of snow that would probably accumulate upon it in the course of the winter would be very great. sur erws
erwsWe'll gallop ahead until we come to a deep dip between the swells. sur erws
erwsAt the same moment the door opened and the maid came in. sur erws
erwsRobert turned away from his comrades and sat down on a stone, where he speculated idly on what was passing about him. sur erws
erwsLanham had done wonders with their best uniforms. sur erws
erwsSuch an excitement we never witnessed before in our town. sur erws
erwsEven the farmer, too, will soon be brought into the same fold. sur erws
erwsSee the dark spot in the sky. sur erws
erwsThen he took three burning sticks and passed them back swiftly to his comrades. sur erws
erwsLike the authoress of this book, she proves a perfect method in youth preserves the beauty of the voice even unto and beyond the three score and ten. sur erws
vfghjkReuben was the eldest, and as he was old enough to assist in the labours of a farm, it was thought best he should leave his mother. sur vfghjk
vfghjkIt was fitting that the mighty drama should be played out there, on that incomparable stage, where earth rose up to make a fitting channel for its most magnificent river. sur vfghjk
vfghjkYet his heart was beating very hard and his impatience for the night to come was great. sur vfghjk
vfghjkBut the soldiers did not complain. sur vfghjk
vfghjkIt stood for years of privation, heart-breaking toil, and disappointment--the worst kind. sur vfghjk
vfghjkYes, the chariot bore them away, and the peasants whirled on in their dance. sur vfghjk
vfghjkDo not also the heathen thus? sur vfghjk
vfghjkPossibly they were remains from owl pellets. sur vfghjk
vfghjkThe vapours of the earth becoming warmer, and the watery particles gathering in clouds, and thence being dispersed in spray, and made brilliant by the fusion of rays, turn upwards towards the fiery orb of the sun and form a rainbow, which sweeps roun sur vfghjk
vfghjkThe slave had but one arm; and an order on the state treasury by the court that tried him, which also assessed his value, brought him more money than he could have obtained for the slave in market. sur vfghjk
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